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Doctor Who: Genesis of the Daleks Coming to Cinemas in the U.S.

This is one of my favorite Who stories, with my favorite Doctor, and I will certainly be buying a ticket for this one-night-only screening of this heretofore unseen “director’s cut”.

Shout Out To Bricken -- Big Thanks

Thanks for the help with my account. It’s nice to have things back to normal.

Well, I Was Hacked

Someone managed access to my account while I’ve been away, and I see they’ve managed to get me relegated to the grays with some hateful commentary. Sorry to any who know or follow me.

Bernie Wrightson Has Died

Sad news tonight that Bernie Wrightson has succumbed to brain cancer at the age of sixty eight.

Moby Dick In Space Moby Dick In Space

This amazing work is a proposal for a feature from Ruari Robinson, a truly visionary filmmaker, with such lovely works as

R.I.P. The Father Of Robots Robby and B9 

Robert Kinoshita passed at age 100.

The Original Galactica, Remastered and Coming to Blu-ray

Universal announced today the release of Battlestar Galactica and the spinoff, Galactica 1980. The Remastered Collection features a new 16:9 transfer, 'optimized for HD' (no word on how the image was cropped or manipulated to achieve this) while the Definitive Collection offers both the remastered 16:9 and original…

R.I.P. Daniel Keyes, author of Flowers for Algernon

The author of the remarkable Flowers for Algernon and numerous other stories and novels died June 15 at the age of 86.

Adorable Kid Interpretations of Star Wars' Cantina Scene Adorable Kid Interpretations of Star Wars' Cantina Scene

Amongst the over-crowded, nostalgia-filled salutes on the completely artificial "Star Wars Day" (I mean, really, what a terrible pun), the Funny or Die Cantina Band Auditions will get the buzz, but this supremely silly video (shot on the same set, courtesy of Tom Spina Designs) has all the charm.

Phantasm V: RaVager Teaser Trailer Phantasm V: RaVager Teaser Trailer

I'll refrain from comment, but here is the first teaser, and it looks impossibly nostalgically appropriate.

Schwarzenegger Returns To Space?

For anyone wondering what Gravity might have been like with slightly different casting, here is this little gem...

Black SF Documentary From 1992…

Star Wars Blooper Reel Star Wars Blooper Reel

First fifty seconds are silent...