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New desk toy! New desk toy!

I love Wish lol

Life is Good Life is Good

My son was grabbing some aerial shots earlier and sent me this. The world might be crazy but, when it comes right down to it, life is good, Oppo. Hope y’all enjoy the weekend.

Oppo stickers, anyone? Oppo stickers, anyone?

So I went ahead and did a thing. Found a new sticker vendor to try and these actually turned out pretty nice! Escort RS added for scale. The white on these is actually clear! This is a big pet peeve of mine so I was sure to clarify before I ordered.

The one that got away is coming home The one that got away is coming home

Mustangs mean a lot to me. I think it started with my Mustang peddle car that I had as a young child in the late sixties. It was a the kind of nearly indestructible, sharp-edged, all metal peddle car toys that could no longer exist for kids today for many reasons. Liability, mainly. In my little kid speak I called it…

Someone please repatriate this old Yank Someone please repatriate this old Yank

I swear I’d do it if I had the driveway space but I’m looking for something a bit ... smaller.

Oppo (oWo?) hivemind, ASSEMBLE! Oppo (oWo?) hivemind, ASSEMBLE!

I need y’all’s oppopinions about a vehicle purchase for my aged in-laws.

New Oppo Rule New Oppo Rule

Henceforth, we shall refer to the power output of our motorcars in units of Llamathrust.

Back in Black

CA “black plates” ordered for Clifford (‘67 F-100) and the F31 (name still TBD). The truck demands them; it was a moral imperative. I didn’t want to be one of “those guys” who put black legacy plates on a modern car but ... I get it now. The white plates look horrible on the BMW. I officially apologize to everyone…

Hey San Diego/ Southern OC Oppos, you going? Hey San Diego/ Southern OC Oppos, you going?

Of happenings! (part 2) Of happenings! (part 2)

The other shoe has dropped, Oppo. First acquisition was the fun one and yesterday I upped my JalopCred slightly with this new (to me) diesel wagon. However it’s not brown and they just don’t make these in manual (which is probs good for me and my 124-mile round trip commute). The beloved Fusion, now sidelined because…

Of happenings! Of happenings!

Finally Oppo, at long last ... after 14 generations on this soil I have achieved Real American(TM) status! Meet Clifford, a ‘67 F-100 rockin’ a slightly breathed on 302, a single-speed transfer case and a four-speed with a granny. 4x4xSimple. I am so fucking giddy you guys.

Talk me out of this, Oppo

I’m narrowing things down. I’m thinking I should get something like this:

It's time to buy a couple fun things

Morning Oppo! I have news ... 

The Suburban is now on its 11th(!) generation. This makes me wonder whether any vehicle model in the world beats it. Whaddaya got, Oppo?

Dammit, Blipshift! Dammit, Blipshift!

Someone talk me out of this one. I’m beginning to think I have a problem.

New family member! New family member!

Hey Oppolandians, guess what? I’M GETTING A NEW PUPPY! This little wonder is coming home with me this weekend. I have a 12 year-old black Lab and I figured it was time she had a friend. Also, knowing full well that imma be an emotional mess when I inevitably lose my dog, the new puppers is going to be a huge help. My…

I couldn't not buy this lol I couldn't not buy this lol

Design name: “Escalation of Force.” We’ve all been there ... and have the scarred knuckles to prove it.

Happy TBT Oppo! Happy TBT Oppo!

How is everyone? What’s good? Here’s something as universally loved as puppies:

Something fun in the mail! Something fun in the mail!

I love the quasi-surprise you get when the Blipshift order arrives. There’s enough time between ordering and delivery there’s a sort of “Oh yeah, cool!” reaction when it shows up.

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