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That Awkward Work Situation May Have Come to a Head

I’ve posted before about a coworker with anxiety that’s so bad I literally had to go alert my boss about her slurring her way through a meeting with a Project Manager. Well... she is now “out until further notice.”

Awkward. So. Awkward. Have to unload this.

I previously posted about a colleague who suffers from anxiety and had a meeting where she was basically falling apart to the point that I said something to our boss afterwards.

Brookstone Filing For Bankruptcy, Will Close All Mall Stores

“The mall and airport seller, best known for massage chairs, quirky gadgets, and travel luggage...”

Just me or are a bunch of new users shit-replying lately?

I’ve gotten some seriously snarky, downright rude replies lately. I’ve dismissed several replies in the last 24 hours. I can’t remember the last time I felt compelled to do so. I also flagged someone yesterday (they weren’t replying to me but *repeatedly* posted) for inflammatory comments.

Can We Talk Real Housewives?

Random thoughts... what do you guys think?

They Found The Thai Soccer Team ALIVE

Holy shit. It’s been NINE days in a flooded cave. They are ALL alive.

Brushes With Greatness* Brushes With Greatness*

Patton Oswalt just liked a reply tweet of mine and I’m processing it like so:

Work Advice Request

I work closely with a colleague who has anxiety and takes medication for it. Occasionally, the med affects her in a, “she seems tired” kind of way. I’m kind of an anxious person myself but not requiring a doctor’s supervision so I sort of relate but also don’t have a full grasp on what she has to deal with. We share…

Guys, I Feel (a little) Bad for Meghan Markle

In what should be one of the happiest, most exciting times in her life, it’s also gotta feel a bit like an obstacle course of embarrassing family bullshit.

So... My In-Laws Are Visiting...

They arrived. LittleNom was jumping up and down, all excited. My FIL gets to hold InfantNom for the first time. It’s hugs and kisses and unicorns. We help them with their bags up the stairs and Mr.Nom says, “Come see InfantNom’s room!”

In Other True Crime News...

I’m still kind of reeling over the possibility that the Golden State Killer has been caught. I... I’m pretty speechless.

If You Miss "I Thee Dread"...

Dear Prudence has a doozy of a question in this week’s live chat:

Lego: Women of NASA Sets -- Don't Overpay!

Head’s up, Lego’s Women of NASA set MSRP is only $25. DO NOT PAY $125 AT AMAZON! ETA: Or $149 at!

"Anyone who didn’t know, didn’t want to know"

Interesting Buzzfeed post about director Michael Caton-Jones’s experience with Harvey Weinstein.

Bad Timing or Bad Momming? Bad Timing or Bad Momming?

So there I am catching up on my TV watching when I decide to cue up some SNL. Fast forward to the Kellywise skit when LittleNom rolls in and joins me.

10% of the Reason Groupthink Exists Is To Vent About In-Laws, Right?

My in-laws are currently on an extended vacation that involves air, land and sea travel. It’s a pretty cool trip, all-around. At least, it should be.

Today in Daycare Donny

Yes, the President of the United States really gave an interview to Forbes wherein he challenged his Secretary of State to an IQ test.

2 Degrees from Drama is the Minimum Safe Distance from Drama

Mr. Nom has been getting quite the earful lately from a friend of his (we’ll call her “X”) about a mutual friend of theirs (we’ll call him “Y”) and the drama between those two said friends (X and Y).

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