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Lego: Women of NASA Sets -- Don't Overpay!

Head’s up, Lego’s Women of NASA set MSRP is only $25. DO NOT PAY $125 AT AMAZON! ETA: Or $149 at!

"Anyone who didn’t know, didn’t want to know"

Interesting Buzzfeed post about director Michael Caton-Jones’s experience with Harvey Weinstein.

Bad Timing or Bad Momming? Bad Timing or Bad Momming?

So there I am catching up on my TV watching when I decide to cue up some SNL. Fast forward to the Kellywise skit when LittleNom rolls in and joins me.

10% of the Reason Groupthink Exists Is To Vent About In-Laws, Right?

My in-laws are currently on an extended vacation that involves air, land and sea travel. It’s a pretty cool trip, all-around. At least, it should be.

Today in Daycare Donny

Yes, the President of the United States really gave an interview to Forbes wherein he challenged his Secretary of State to an IQ test.

2 Degrees from Drama is the Minimum Safe Distance from Drama

Mr. Nom has been getting quite the earful lately from a friend of his (we’ll call her “X”) about a mutual friend of theirs (we’ll call him “Y”) and the drama between those two said friends (X and Y).

Welp -- Goodbye "Something Wicked" sub-blog?

Admittedly, it had been a while since I visited or posted, but the other day I noticed that Something Wicked (spoiler alert: all you see is “Internal Server Error”) is down and... I guess gone for good?

Dear Work Friend...

You have shitty taste in men. And you need to stop being a “cool girl” to please them.

Well, We Finally Learned Our Lesson

Our vacations to visit my In-Laws are cursed. Plus they just generally suck.

Yo! DC-Metro Peeps! Surrender Dorothy!

If you’ve ever wondered what the Mormon Temple in Kensington, MD looks like inside (I know I have), HERE’S OUR CHANCE! Well, in 2020, anyway:

It is done. An ode to my old place.

I did it, I finally sold my old place.

In The Absence of "I Thee Dread"

Ask a Boss (which I read via The Cut) is all about Weddings and Work today:

There's Only One Way This Will Be Better Than the Original

Today in things no one asked for, NBC has announced a live version of A Few Good Men next year.

I Got a Sinus Infection Just Reading This

I have so many questions...

Buzzfeed: Scary Photos Thread

Some funny stuff in there, too, but plenty of creepy shots.

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