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Guys, I Feel (a little) Bad for Meghan Markle

In what should be one of the happiest, most exciting times in her life, it’s also gotta feel a bit like an obstacle course of embarrassing family bullshit.

So... My In-Laws Are Visiting...

They arrived. LittleNom was jumping up and down, all excited. My FIL gets to hold InfantNom for the first time. It’s hugs and kisses and unicorns. We help them with their bags up the stairs and Mr.Nom says, “Come see InfantNom’s room!”

In Other True Crime News...

I’m still kind of reeling over the possibility that the Golden State Killer has been caught. I... I’m pretty speechless.

If You Miss "I Thee Dread"...

Dear Prudence has a doozy of a question in this week’s live chat:

Lego: Women of NASA Sets -- Don't Overpay!

Head’s up, Lego’s Women of NASA set MSRP is only $25. DO NOT PAY $125 AT AMAZON! ETA: Or $149 at!

"Anyone who didn’t know, didn’t want to know"

Interesting Buzzfeed post about director Michael Caton-Jones’s experience with Harvey Weinstein.

Bad Timing or Bad Momming? Bad Timing or Bad Momming?

So there I am catching up on my TV watching when I decide to cue up some SNL. Fast forward to the Kellywise skit when LittleNom rolls in and joins me.

10% of the Reason Groupthink Exists Is To Vent About In-Laws, Right?

My in-laws are currently on an extended vacation that involves air, land and sea travel. It’s a pretty cool trip, all-around. At least, it should be.

Today in Daycare Donny

Yes, the President of the United States really gave an interview to Forbes wherein he challenged his Secretary of State to an IQ test.

2 Degrees from Drama is the Minimum Safe Distance from Drama

Mr. Nom has been getting quite the earful lately from a friend of his (we’ll call her “X”) about a mutual friend of theirs (we’ll call him “Y”) and the drama between those two said friends (X and Y).

Welp -- Goodbye "Something Wicked" sub-blog?

Admittedly, it had been a while since I visited or posted, but the other day I noticed that Something Wicked (spoiler alert: all you see is “Internal Server Error”) is down and... I guess gone for good?

Dear Work Friend...

You have shitty taste in men. And you need to stop being a “cool girl” to please them.

Well, We Finally Learned Our Lesson

Our vacations to visit my In-Laws are cursed. Plus they just generally suck.

Yo! DC-Metro Peeps! Surrender Dorothy!

If you’ve ever wondered what the Mormon Temple in Kensington, MD looks like inside (I know I have), HERE’S OUR CHANCE! Well, in 2020, anyway:

It is done. An ode to my old place.

I did it, I finally sold my old place.

In The Absence of "I Thee Dread"

Ask a Boss (which I read via The Cut) is all about Weddings and Work today:

There's Only One Way This Will Be Better Than the Original

Today in things no one asked for, NBC has announced a live version of A Few Good Men next year.

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