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Take Flight Take Flight

Because (flying) racecar and it’s Friday:

Jules Bianchi Jules Bianchi

I never knew him, but I tried to pursue the same path he took and still pay very close attention to the lower formula. Obviously he was good as he went to Formula 1 on talent. Not an easy thing to do. Glad to see Oppo show their tribute in their own way.

Because Racecar Because Racecar

None of these are mine, but I felt like sharing. Because racecar.

P3 and Their Place in Endurance Racing P3 and Their Place in Endurance Racing

The development of the P3 class for international endurance racing (WEC, IMSA(?), etc.) has left me a bit perplexed and I would like y’alls input on the matter.

4/27 Day - Am I Doing it Right? 4/27 Day - Am I Doing it Right?

Bell 427 Helicopter and, uh, promo models:

VW Golf Sportwagen VW Golf Sportwagen

Just built this on the VW configurator Build Your Own Portion of the site and I think it’s quite nice. However, my fiance was hoping to get 4Motion as well. Does anyone know if it will be available in the near future or are they saving 4Motion in wagon-form for the Alltrack?

Cool Cars Around Campus

I got to Georgia State University so my campus has some pretty cool stuff roll by and through it as we’re smack dab in the center of the City of Atlanta.

Full Course Yellow Full Course Yellow

Finally got around to watching the WEC 6 Hour of Silverstone (thank you FS1 in the US) and I love their Full Course Yellow procedure.

Fund for Gary Terry's Family 

I'm not sure if it's been published yet, but here is the link for the GoFundMe site for Gary Terry's family for his funeral expenses and to start a college fund for his young daughter. Gary was the instructor who was killed yesterday at Walt Disney World Speedway.

More Training More Training

I've been kinda absent from Oppo as of late. This week's adventure is product training at the new Porsche North America HQ. This time I will be the trainee and not the trainer. Weird.

G'night Oppo G'night Oppo

It's been real. It's been fun. It's been kinda both of those....

I got a thing! I got a thing!

My fiance went on my Amazon wish list and clicked a few things. This is one of those things:

Flying Lizard and K-Pax Flying Lizard and K-Pax

Well, it looks like Flying Lizard and K-Pax racing will join forces for 2015 to compete in Pirelli World Challenge with 2 of McLaren, s 650 S GT3.

Sponsorship Sponsorship

This is probably a massive shot in the dark, but is there anyone here (contributing, lurking, or otherwise) who has experience (preferably successful experience) in sponsorship sales? Specifically motorsports sponsorship.

Eversely to PWC Acura Eversely to PWC Acura

Looks like the Jalopnik bump is still going strong for Ryan Eversley. Today it was announced that he will be assisting with development and racing the all-new Acura TLX Pirelli World Challenge car!

The Verstappen Rule The Verstappen Rule

With the recent changes to the FIA Super License requirements, I wonder why this will not be in place for the 2015 season?

Alexander Rossi to Come Back Home? Alexander Rossi to Come Back Home?

It's being reported here, among other places, that Alexander Rossi is pursuing opportunities on this side of the pond ('Merica) for 2015. I for one find that disheartening. Rossi is/was our only true hope of the first American F1 star since Michael Andretti (yes, I know that fast named kid won a contest) and seemed…

Cold Cold

All these posts about how cold it is where they live. Not bad here in Atlanta...yet. Heading to Houston today and it looks like they may miss the worst of it.

I'm Too Old For This I'm Too Old For This

I'm at my advisor's office to sign up for classes for spring semester after taking the fall off. I'm only 26, but when I look around, I feel too old for this. Can I just be done already?

Had to share with you guys Had to share with you guys

As some of you may know, I work with automotive manufacturers on driving programs. Recently I got to work with these bad boys on a race track. The RCF is a great car.

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