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Vancouver International Autoshow 2019 Vancouver International Autoshow 2019

Attended the Vancity Auto Show with Fintail on the 21st and then again on the 22nd with my Dad and some insurance people. This years show was smaller than last year. Big push on crossovers & luxury, really the only two things that sell in Vancouver.

Summer Time is now! Summer Time is now!

Summer tires getting mounted tomorrow. Falken’s Azeni RT615K+. I love how the hatch perfectly fits 4 tires.

Awesome Driving Night Awesome Driving Night


I bought a Hot Wheel I bought a Hot Wheel

I’m sure it’s been like, 20 years since my last Hot Wheels purchase, but I knew that they had a 1987 D100 (I have an 86) out. Well, I found it at a car show and for $3 you can’t go wrong.

Hotel DOTS - Fairmont Waterfront Hotel DOTS - Fairmont Waterfront

I used to walk here when I worked nearby. Now, I just go by when in the area. The Karma is owned by the people who make the Solo 3 wheeled electric car.

Mmmmm Mmmmm

Sometimes, claims adjusting isn’t too bad. 

Olympic Overland Olympic Overland

Overland eye candy in front of the Olympic torch, Vancity

Nighty Night Nighty Night

DOTS.  More to come.

On Dogs - Update: news & photos On Dogs - Update: news & photos

Recently I posted about my dog who is older and slowing down, her name is Casey. She’s actually the dog my family got when I was 14, so she’s really my parents. This, is an 9 week old labradoodle and may indeed be, my first dog. Today, I confirmed we’d be bringing home this Labradoodle. She’s 9 weeks old and will be…

Playing with the Gopro Playing with the Gopro

Testing my new camera/mic set up. Seems much improved. Although now I feel that I didn’t have the camera on the right mic setting. Having it on standard external rather than powered which my mic and camera support.

Flying Contest Flying Contest

I know lots of Oppo’s love aircraft. I saw this short take off/landing video using highly modified aircraft. Seems like a ton of fun.

Non-Car People, amiright? Non-Car People, amiright?

I parked my ST, some dude ambles up to me and asks “Is that electric?”. WHAT? I mean, you were standing right there when I parked, it isn’t exactly quiet.

Good Deals Good Deals

One of the best deals out there in terms of cars in my opinion is the Kia Cadenza brand new, I’m seeing them at $10K (CDN) off MSRP. Used, the deals are amazing. Depreciation hits these things like a runaway train.

Hour Rule Hour Rule

Taking my car to a new shop to have a tune up, tires and brakes done. They run two cars at the track I volunteer at. Recommended by fellow Oppo Haadoke, who doesn’t post here anymore it seems.

Rare Personal Post Rare Personal Post

Kinda down. My longtime friend is moving away he told me today. Also, Casey, our poodle is very sick.

Juxtaposition  Juxtaposition 

Grocery store dots

Night from Fort Langley Night from Fort Langley

Tonight’s DOTS post. Aston, Alfa & Bentley. I think tonight was the first warm and walkable night.  It was really warm today.  Summers coming!

Don't we want to support volunteers? Don't we want to support volunteers?

As seen in the local news. 

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