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Apparently I stopped at the “intersection of vintage vehicles “


BMW Z3 M. “Clownshoe” coupe in actual clown shoe red

Pure awesome Pure awesome

shameless photo rip off


I’ve never seen one of these paper cup wraps in the wild until today

CerealOpponick CerealOpponick

Keep oppo breakfast cereal

The Trump RV The Trump RV

The POTUS is in my hometown tonight.

My Bike My Bike

I get out and about on the weekends with my oldest daughter and my bike. We have been enjoying the weather and cruising around town . Taking pictures while riding is difficult and when you have an energetic 6 yr old tagging along...there isn’t a lot of time for sight seeing.

Keep Oppo Vintage Bicycle  Keep Oppo Vintage Bicycle 

I’m in love with the 1985 Huffy I just bought. 

Condition: superb Condition: superb

This IROC-Z was parked near my townhouse today. And honestly oppo: it was so clean....I would’ve said this was it’s first ever visit outside. Absolutely immaculate condition, inside and out. It even had the factory leather t-top bags folded dealership style under the rear hatch

Oppo, I drove a fast car Oppo, I drove a fast car

2006 Ford Mustang GT300

Seen Seen

Well.....somebody bought one


This photo does no justice to just how menacingly nasty the presence of this car is.  What a monster!

Sicario Sicario

Just watched this flick this morning! It was INTENSE!!! My favorite scene was when all the guys roll out, HARD: in all black G-men Chevy Tahoes. It was bad ass!!!


Cool rides that I saw today


Manual BMW wagon!!!! WANT!!!!

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