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If This Woman is Trolling, I Will Have Her Babies

Because only a true troll genius could write two articles back-to-back that would receive this level of hatred from the Jezebel commentariat. Otherwise, I’m starting to feel a little bad for this kid. I mean, first she gets fired from Wired* and then this happens to her on her first two days of work. Damn.

Happy Valentine's Day - I Hate Everyone. Happy Valentine's Day - I Hate Everyone.

Not you guys, just everyone else. I’ll be glad when Peter Thiel buys GMG and has its employees dragged into the street and shot.

Rich is WHAT?

Courtesy of fennelbreath:

Merry Frickin' Christmas  Merry Frickin' Christmas 

Hanukkah, Kwanza, etc., etc.

Yes, I am Black, Cracker. Why do you ask?

And Lester Holt is my goddamn hero.