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Don't Think of Kissing Don't Think of Kissing

Now it’s Aeryn’s turn to rescue Crichton but she’ll need a little help from a rival for his affections. Not that Aeryn or Crichton are at a point where they would admit Gilina is a rival or that a situation even exists where anyone could be a rival.

Movies from the Future Movies from the Future

I feel like talking about a few trailers to-day. Plenty have come out recently that may finally get me back in a cinema. I still haven’t gotten around to seeing Endgame, though, and I fully intended to see that, so who knows.

Off the Tracks and in the Game Off the Tracks and in the Game

“Fight yourself and the part that wins doesn’t count. It’s the part that loses.” There’s a great film noir line for you from 1948's Inner Sanctum, a film based on a long running anthology horror suspense radio show. A low budget B-movie by the short lived M.R.S. productions, it nonetheless features an intriguing and…

The River is Beautiful but Difficult The River is Beautiful but Difficult

Maybe the idea of an Otto Preminger movie starring Robert Mitchum and Marilyn Monroe put my expectations too high the first time I watched 1954's River of No Return. I find I like it a lot more now—those beautiful location shots in Calgary, Robert Mitchum’s performance, Marilyn Monroe’s beauty, and the story about…

Winning Hearts and Wormholes Winning Hearts and Wormholes

In one of the most eventful episodes of Farscape, the series’ primary villain is finally introduced, familiar characters return after a long absence, and Chiana continues to distinguish herself.

Yet the Wood Lives Yet the Wood Lives

I finally caught the first episode of Deadwood last night. I get to these things eventually, this one only took me fifteen years. I like it so far, only one episode in—please refrain from giving me spoilers though I’ve already looked up some of the real life counterparts of characters portrayed on screen and have a…

The Birth of Colour The Birth of Colour

It was Colin Baker’s birthday yesterday so I watched The Ultimate Foe, his final serial as the Doctor. Perhaps more interesting for the behind the scenes drama, it certainly doesn’t feel like a final episode for an incarnation of the Doctor, and Colin Baker infamously refused to return for the regeneration scene of…

The Almost Perfect Stone The Almost Perfect Stone

Unsurprisingly, NetFlix is currently streaming 1982's The Dark Crystal ahead of their release of a prequel series to that movie in August: The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. It’d been several years since I watched the original film so I thought I’d take the opportunity to refresh my memory. I’d never seen it in high…

Movies Combine for Maximum Stuff Movies Combine for Maximum Stuff

So the Alien frightened you, so the Terminator thrilled you. Now get ready for the Alien Terminator (aka Top Line), a 1988 action/adventure/Sci-Fi film starring Franco Nero, Deborah Moore, and with the friendly participation of George Kennedy. There’s a goofy grace in this casually ridiculous mess.

The Pattern of Investigation The Pattern of Investigation

A Scotland Yard Inspector’s holiday is interrupted by a murder, a murder complicated by the disappearance of the corpse in 1939's The Body Vanished. A “Quota Quickie”, the film draws on various familiar plot elements and character types in unremarkable settings but there is a strange charm in how plain it is, making…

The Possessed Man Isn't Who He Says He Is The Possessed Man Isn't Who He Says He Is

A situation on Farscape where one group is bluffing about their identities to another group is complicated by an intelligent virus taking control of one individual after another. Miraculously, all this destabilisation leads to some solid and entertaining character development.

A Young Yakuza can Only Sing of Escape A Young Yakuza can Only Sing of Escape

Life’s tough for Jiro. In 1958's Red Pier (赤い波止場) he’s the handsome young yakuza with a golden voice, born on the wrong side of the tracks, saviour of children, and the object of all consuming passion for two beautiful women. If you’re looking for a romanticised take on yakuza with a teen heartthrob, this would be a…

Eight in Four Eight in Four

A couple months ago, NetFlix quietly released an “Extended” version of The Hateful Eight, Quentin Tarantino’s terrific 2015 Western. Except it wasn’t just a longer version of the film, it was the film recut as a four episode miniseries by Tarantino and his editor:

A Rampaging World A Rampaging World

“Let that be a lesson to you, my girl,” says the Fourth Doctor to Romana. “Never take anything at its face value.” An appropriate lesson indeed in The Pirate Planet, a 1978 Doctor Who serial, the first to be written by Douglas Adams. People who appear to be villains turn out to be victims—even characters who prey on…

Deborah Looks for Work and Dekpa Remembers Plunder Deborah Looks for Work and Dekpa Remembers Plunder

There’s a new chapter of my infrequently updated web comic, Dekpa and Deborah, online to-day. Deborah brings matters between herself and her family to a conclusion, of sorts, and frets about it. Enjoy!

Splitting Together Splitting Together

The crew of Moya contemplate leaving the ship in an episode of Farscape that sees the ensemble ultimately in a more solidified family unit. But the ship herself has to break into four parts in order to reach that point.

Your Terribly Friendly Vampire Neighbourhood Your Terribly Friendly Vampire Neighbourhood

Living among vampires for any extended period must be disorientating. This is why it may only be partially accurate to call 1970's Valerie and Her Week of Wonders (Valerie a týden divů) a surrealist film. Sure, a lot seems to be taking place on this girl’s journey to sexual awakening that makes no literal sense. But…

Some Cities Swallow Stories Whole Some Cities Swallow Stories Whole

Venice sure is beautiful. And that’s primarily what makes 1955's Summertime such a joy to watch. You couldn’t ask for a better star than Katharine Hepburn and the concept of an older woman falling in love for the first time is certainly an extraordinary premise for the ‘50s but it’s saddled with too much softball…

What's a Human? What's a Human?

Farscape is normally a show about things very far away from Earth—but then John Crichton finds himself shot back through a wormhole to his home planet in an episode that will have ramifications for the rest of the series.

What's Film Noir? What's Film Noir?

I don’t expect profundity from comments sections of online articles but I like to read them sometimes as a gauge of how people are thinking, or how compulsive internet denizens are thinking, at any rate. One thing I’d started seeing crop up repeatedly on articles about film noir in general or specific films noir is…

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