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Shit post Sunday Shit post Sunday

Tomorrow is Family day in Canada. My only family related plans are dropping my kids off at the pool.

Since we're taking about Lexii... Since we're taking about Lexii...

Let’s talking about something else instead lol

Oppo, I challenge you to find a tinier CAR door! Oppo, I challenge you to find a tinier CAR door!

Here’s an ‘04 Trans Am Imsa car with a 3 inch door - just tall enough to accommodate a door handle.


Shy Miata, as seen on Reddit.

Shit post O' clock

As seen on Reddit.

2020 M3 spotted

Just look at those gaping nostrils!

Cold started the M5 a few days ago... Cold started the M5 a few days ago...

Here’s some warm burbles for the frosty folks.

NCoCP: IS300 coupe for $45k

Due to the severe and expensive modifications have been made to the IS300, such as a engine transplant from the original car to a Ferrari 456 - some may say the price is justifiable.

Leaking News: Ram will unveil next generation of trucks with luxury multifuction tailgates

The next generation of Ram trucks are sure to blow your socks off. Apparently, the Tesla-esque infotainment system is just the start.

How to be a VIP Customer to your favorite Supercar manufacturer

Want to get a call from McLaren the next time they make a hypercar?

Look at this site!

Have a seat....take your time to dig through. It is spectacular!

Want of the day! Want of the day!

1967 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT Veloce

Constipated to Code Brown in no time!

Cheetah with a 454 V8 for $25k

Worst way to say you have a Mercedes's AMG GLB 35?

Boxy Speedy CompactUV? Aam-Glib 35? No, just calling it like Mercedes wants us to takes the cake. A-M-G-G-L-B. So many syllables.

Bugatti Barn find

Wish I had a barn full of treasures I forgot about. Be warned, video autoplays.

Lookin' good, M8!

M8 Gran Coupe spy shots give me hope.

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