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AMI selling National Enquirer

Evidently AMI has decided to sell the Enquirer and its other tabloids after the Bezos blackmail scheme. The question becomes do you think Bezos will buy them? I doubt it, but it’s fun to think of him buying them either to close them down or to remake them and blow the minds of their mindless readers. Or to bring back…

Decision made Decision made

I’ve been going back and forth on whether I should swap out the springs and ball joints on the Camaro or let a shop do it. I’ve decided that since I’ve done everything else on this car I might as well do this too. I know this isn’t earth shattering news for anyone but me but now that it’s written down I’ll actually…

Groovy Groovy

No car stuff this weekend but I did go get the world’s finest home entertainment instrument. Don’t believe me?

Old Guy Music Old Guy Music

You know how sometimes, when you’re driving, shuffle will bring up exactly the right song so you turn it up obnoxiously loud?

One Step Foward, One Step Back One Step Foward, One Step Back

So I tore my steering column apart to replace the ignition lock cylinder so that the doors and ignition use the same key. I’ve taken it apart enough times that it was only mildly frustrating. Sure the old cylinder came apart in my hand as I was pulling it out, but that was a minor worry. What is really a pain in the…

Reproduction Parts Suck Reproduction Parts Suck

I feel for people who don’t have easy access to parts for their old cars, but sometimes reproduction parts aren’t much better than nothing.

DOTS: Parts Edition DOTS: Parts Edition

I was heading home the other night and spotted this:


Morris Dees was kicked out of the SPLC and it sounds like some kind of sexual harassment was the reason. This one hits hard.

I'm Not A Smart Man I'm Not A Smart Man

Why would anyone leave this

Hero or Idiot? You decide Hero or Idiot? You decide

Personally I would call this guy commuting on a Ural yesterday morning with temps in the teens a hero especially since he seems to be appropriately dressed but others might disagree.

I NEED this I NEED this

No, I don’t really need it and my project car slot is filled but I need this. It’s a wheel standing Gremlin X! Everyone needs this car.

Rare vs Desirable 

Since it’s the week of Thanksgiving here I’m working hard perusing CL and along with the Volvo 122s and Jeepster Commandos that usually make up said list (along with a really nice 911 GT3) there is a 1979 Lincoln Mk V that the seller claims is ultra rare by drilling down the options including such highly sought items…

Paging Mr. Nader. Mr. Nader to the white courtesy phone! Paging Mr. Nader. Mr. Nader to the white courtesy phone!

Remember that Integra on the front page that somebody had stuffed a 500ci Cadillac engine in to the back of? And how it was undrivable? That car was a perfectly sane purchase compared to this baby.

Here's Your Chance! Here's Your Chance!

That’s right you could be the proud owner of a VW 412 square back wagon! Bonus features include being sunk down to the hubs and an original Washington green on white plate meaning it hasn’t moved in many, many years! The same person is also selling the rest of those piles of crap collector cars so bring lots of cash!

You're Welcome, Jeff Bezos You're Welcome, Jeff Bezos

I just realized that I’ve been ordering things, needed and otherwise, from Amazon for nineteen years. That’s a lot of money funneled to build the Hall of Doom. Anyone got me beat?

It has come to this It has come to this

I’m probably going to buy a snowblower this weekend. Really deep snow is fairly rare here so I’ve always been able to do the job with a shovel and a bit of swearing, but the purchase of the new house and its 3-car garage as well as an actual sidewalk makes that untenable. The weird thing is that I enjoyed shoveling…

‘Tis the Season ‘Tis the Season

It’s about this time every year that CL becomes flush with people trying to get rid of their stalled projects before they have to store it for another winter. It’s a very dangerous time for bank accounts and marriages.

Москвич ! Москвич !

A coworker of mine, who is from Moldova, just casually mentioned that his dad is thinking of bringing his old Moskvitch over and asked me if it would be worth anything here if/when they decided to sell it.


It’s a good thing my project car quota is filled because this Dart complete with factory sunroof and folding rear seat is both close to me and fairly cheap.

It's finally Friday!!! It's finally Friday!!!

After a week that included dealing with a remote employee who had just been fired to get their company equipment back I’m more than ready for it.

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